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Tips & Tricks
The key to making money from the pay programs is to build a large downline. Below are many techniques in which will help you gain that goal.
Refer Internet users. Refer friends, family members, business associates, and other acquaintances that use the Internet and their computers frequently. Remember, the more time they spend online, the better.
Build a web site. There are a number of "site building" web sites out there that will let you build a personal web site right on their server. With a web site there are many methods of attracting referrals. The goal is to attract as many visitors to your web site. Many get paid programs have their own sections dedicated to assisting their members gain referrals through pre-made banner, etc. I recommend to help get you started. It has excellent tools for web masters plus free web hosting.
Use an auto signature. Set up an "auto signature" in your E-mail program so that your message is included at the bottom of all your e-mails. Some examples are: . . . paid attention

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Use a message board. Make sure you follow the rules and regulations of each individual message board. Also, make sure you are posting on a message board with a related topic, such as a business opportunity message board. Make sure to be honest about the earning potential and other program details. Misleading information hurts your credibility as well as the credibility of Desktop Dollars.
Use a chat room. Chat rooms also have rules and regulations you must follow. Make sure you are on a chat room with a related topic and keep your opinions about the program honest and to the point. Do not mislead people to get referrals.
Use a handout. This is the easiest way to refer people in the off-line world. However, be sure to post your handout in approved public posting areas. Click here to print out a handout.
Use the referral gateway. This a prewritten E-mail message that we provide you when you register. It is embedded with your sponsor id. If you need another copy, please go to your account page.