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Getting started
Getting Started
1. How do you get started?
Its simple. The first step is to register and become a member. All you have to do is click on the link. This takes you to the registration form. Then just fill out the form and click "Join" at the bottom of the page. That's all there is to it. Now you are a member. Then you should receive confirmation e-mails in your E-mail box.

2. How do I start making money? (for pay-to-surf program)
The first thing you need to do after becoming a member is download the programs software if it is for pay-to-surf program. Just make sure that you read the requirements for the software, so that it will work properly. Then click on the download link at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions that were provided on the download page. Once you have the software installed, click on the software icon on your desktop. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet when you open the software. When you load up the software it may require you to login in or some program automatically log you in already. Then you should see banner ads? If so, you are making money!

3. How do I refer my friends?
There are many ways to tell others about the pay-to-surf programs, but the easiest way is e-mail. Some programs have pre-made e-mails which just require you to input your friends or families E-mail address. Also many programs give out useful advise for building your referral downline. For example if you are a store owner, you could easily refer your customers with handouts! There are programs that have pre made handouts ready for print and distribution.

4. How much money can I make
The amount of money you make is only limited by the number of people you can refer and the amount of revenue that they generate through their time using our services. Generally advertisers want to target people who shop, so try to refer people you know who like to shop and enjoy receiving special offers.

5. Where can I see my statistic
To view your statistics, simply log into your account. There you will find your updated statistics.

6. When do I get my check
Checks vary from company to company. Please refer to the program rates for further details.